Welcome to Gratton Vineyard

Gratton Vineyard is a smallholding of around 3.75 acres where we grow 200 vines for wine production (for our own and your consumption), apples for our cider and all our own vegetables and fruit produce.  

We also have our family of chickens who produce all our free-range eggs and our delightful ‘paddle’ of ducks,  Lavender,  Donald, Briar, Domino, Buttercup, Chillula, Amadeus, Daisy and Remmy who will all be happy to meet you and lay plenty of eggs for you to enjoy.

Our animal family also includes our cute and cuddly pygmy goats, Zebedee, Ernie and Alfie who will be delighted if you pet them and take them for a little walk every now and then.

We also have two Valais Blacknose sheep called Bob and Ziggy who are very friendly and love sheep nuts.  If you would like to give them a treat we would be happy to supply you with a bag of their favourite food.  We also have four Zwartbles called Hope, Jaguar, Joules and Jimmy Choo who are also extremely friendly and partial to the odd digestive biscuit.  We are training them to halter so that you can take them on a short walk around the field.

Come and stay in our lovely handcrafted Shepherd’s Huts, Blossom or Rowan in a spectacular and peaceful setting, on our smallholding and vineyard in North Devon. It’s the ideal place to leave your everyday world behind, wind down and relax. Surrounded by fields with views of our vineyard and the countryside beyond, you can be at peace with nature, listening to bird song by day and watching the stars by night.   If you are up early in the morning you could be lucky enough to see some of the deer that come into our fields to graze.

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Our first engagement

Our first engagement

Our happy couple Rob and Nicky. Rob proposed to Nicky last night in Blossom and she said “Yes” Congratulations and best wishes for the future.

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