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covid-19 response

COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s with regret that we are closing our doors and taking no bookings until this current situation is resolved. When we reopen we hope you

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Gratton goats

Our Goats

Eric and Ernie (so called because they bring us sunshine) are Pygmy Goats.  They are brothers and are almost 2 years old.  They are really

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Our paddle of ducks

We hatched 3 ducklings this year in an incubator.  Kyne, Briar and Spud are the offspring of Donald and Jemima and Donald and Waddle.  Donald

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the grapevine

Our vineyard!

We have 200 vines which are a mixture of red early Pinot Noir and white Siegerrebe grape varieties.  We harvest the grapes around the end

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